Quincentenary Library
March 19, 2017
351 Victoria Park
March 19, 2017
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Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge


The Lantern Building at Fitzwilliam College constructed in 1963 by famous Brutalist architect Denys
Lasdun features unusual scalloped detailing on the roof. This scalloped detailing made for the perfect opportunity to incorporate Sikalastic liquid solution together with Sarnafil membrane. The main roof was overlaid with new insulated Sarnafil coverings while each scallop was hand coated with Sikslastic Shale Grey liquid solution.

The Sikalastic product ensured these unique details would be protected without altering their shape. It’s not unusual for a project to incorporate small amounts of Sikalastic, but this is one of the first projects where the Sarnafil membrane and Sikalastic 621TC have been used over large areas together. For us, the crucial element of this project was getting the seal right. We worked closely with Sika Sarnafil and did multiple tests to make sure the junction between the Sikalastic 621 and single ply membrane was formed using the most effective detailing. The use of Sarnametal created a strong bond between the two products, enabling them to be successfully sealed together. This was by far the most challenging part of the project, but demonstrates how well these products can work together for roofs with incredibly complex detailing.

It was thanks to the collaborative relationship between Sika Sarnafil’s technical expert and RCC’s highly experienced fitters, that the finished roof met the strict requirements of the architect and client.

The completed roof was awarded a Sarnafil Plus guarantee by Sika, a must for the client, preserving the building as an architectural landmark and study area.

Client: Edmond Shipway LLP
Project Size: 1,600m²
Waterproofing: Sika Sarnafil G410-18ELF/Sikalastic 621TC
Year: 2017